Why SEOmoz Should Come To Denver For Mozcation: A Love Story

SEOmoz should host a meetup in Denver because we live in Grownup Disneyworld: parades of cowboys flow down the boulevards, there are roller coasters in the middle of everything and you’ll probably ask someone to help you find your parents after a night at our breweries.

Denver is the land of tacos, bicycles, micro-brews, sun, puppies, fleece activewear, big blue statues and a few little hills we like to call the Rockies. The digital marketing and SEO industry in Denver is somewhere between a teenager and a grownup: we’re like a 22 year old who knows the rules but sometimes goes off the rails and ends up puking in a boot. We do what we do well, but we’re hungry for more knowledge.

Denver is a hub of technology in the region. In 2008 there were 166,300 high-tech workers in Colorado and high-tech firms employed 86 of every 1,000 private sector workers (ranking Colorado third nationwide). In March Men’s Health named Denver the third most socially networked city in the nation, with an A+ grade for integrated social media use in the population. Of equal importance, Denver ranks first in the nation in beer production per capita and second in the number of breweries.

Join us on a picture tour of the Best Durn CowTown this side of the Mississippi to prove why SEOmoz should host a mozcation here!

The first thing you may see upon exiting the Denver International Airport is this:

Don’t be scared. You didn’t accidently land in Dante’s Inferno. That is just a really good argument for having a popular vote before installing public art. Apparently we have a thing for giant blue animal statues…

See, here’s a much nicer big blue animal statue outside the Convention Center. Still pretty random though, right?

We do have lots of other beautiful public art sprinkled about, especially in the city’s plentiful parks. Be wary when playing in a Denver park, however: “foot baggers” can strike at any time with their powerful patchouli funk.

You can settle into bustling downtown Denver. Watch TV in your underwear in any one of the 5,200 hotel rooms available!

There’s a ton of great restaurants and bars downtown. We’ll take you out for dinner at a fancy place with a three-letter name like TAG or CAN or ZUP. Then we’ll hit our favorite bars, each one dive-ier than the last. Finally, as the altitude and IPAs catch up to you, we’ll find Manuel with the street burritos out of a cooler, and you’ll think he’s an angel.

The next day we’ll round up a bunch of fun, SEO-loving industry folks, get together in a room with a view of the mountains and do important things like Learning From Each Other, Sharing Challenges and Cross-Platform Distribution Strategies. I’m a little fuzzy on this part- it is SEOmoz’s party, after all. But I know you’ll bring it, and by “bring it” I mean sharing lots of good knowledge and mid-afternoon cookies. Once we wrap up the day, everyone is renting a B-Cycle and we’re taking a cycling tour of the downtown breweries. Be prepared for some of this:

And hopefully none of this:

That night we’ll catch a show at Red Rocks, an acoustically perfect and visually stunning concert venue. You may know it from the hundreds of live albums recorded here, or from the episode of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman entitled, “Last Dance.”

It will be a little too warm for this:

But while you’re here you can do plenty of this:

Photo: Josh Nass

Photo: Josh Nass

Photo: Josh Nass

C’mon SEOmoz, you know these are pretty compelling arguments. Choose Denver for your next meetup!

P.S. Did I mention everyone has dogs? That means without fail you are going to see a puppy in Denver. And who hates seeing puppies?


26 thoughts on “Why SEOmoz Should Come To Denver For Mozcation: A Love Story

  1. Fist of all, i love that a coloradoan cant seem to make it through an entire paragraph without beer-nerding into oblivion. Secondly, I vote Denver as well, it will give me an excuse to visit go home… plus if you aim for the last week of September we can also hit up the GABF… look it up, it is cause for some serious bias.

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