AdWords Announces Search Funnel Reporting


At Google’s ThinkEducation workshop in NYC yesterday, we were asked to hold back our tweets, texts and blogs until the new AdWords Search Funnel reporting was officially announced on Inside AdWords“AdWords Search Funnels are a set of reports describing the ad click and impression behavior on that leads up to a conversion.”

There are 7 Search Funnel reports consisting of:

  1. Top conversions
  2. Assist clicks & impressions – with counts and ratios to last click
  3. Assist conversions
  4. 1st click analysis
  5. Last click analysis
  6. Top paths – what keywords (including match types) were searched in sequential order
  7. Time lag
  8. Path length – how many clicks (1-12+) before a conversion and what percentage of conversions did each drive

This is a beta, but it’s a public one so you don’t have to opt in. It’s a rolling public launch that AdWords users will start to see in their accounts within the next month. Look for it in the Reporting tab. (I am pleased to already see it this morning in some of my accounts.) It requires Conversion Tracking to work, or you can import goals or transactions into your AdWords account from Google Analytics.

It does not include data from Google search partners or the Content Network, but the Googler presenting yesterday told us that could be incorporated soon. The reports are also limited to data up to 30 days prior to the conversion. So, depending on the sales cycle for your client’s product or service, this time frame may or may not be incredibly useful. The data is also fully exportable like other AdWords reports.

While indeed a beta and not without limitations, these reports still provide some exciting insights and actionable data into user search behavior.


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