Location3 Boosting BodenUSA.com


Denver digital marketing agency helps establish sophisticated U.K. brand Boden in the U.S.

DENVER, CO – April 18, 2011 – In February 2011, Location3 Media, a digital marketing agency in Denver, began performing a comprehensive online marketing campaign for U.K. clothing giant Boden. Location3 rose to the challenge of translating Boden’s brand values in the U.S. market.

“Location3 pitched to Boden against some serious competition from the biggest US agencies. Ultimately, it was Location3’s comprehensive, to-the-point and friendly approach that really set them apart. Their grasp of Boden’s unique product, business needs and brand values puts great confidence in us that we’ll have a long and fruitful relationship going forward,” said Julian Moskov, search manager for Boden.

Location3 launched branded pay per click (PPC) campaigns on Google and Bing for Boden USA, an online clothes shop. The advertising flights feature the entire line including apparel for women, men, children and teenagers. The seasoned account management team at Location3 reorganized the campaign to include very refined ad groups for specific lines, keywords and geographic targeting.

The account management team developed three tiers to target consumers based on geography, current sales and return on investment. New PPC ad copy was developed to speak to each tier, taking into account these specific demographics, locations and also seasonality.

In early April 2011 the non-branded campaign will kick off. Location3 is developing highly targeted PPC ad copy to make Boden stand out against other apparel choices as the sophisticated and fun brand it is.

“Working with this level of a client is a thrill for us,” said Location3 President Alex Porter (@porter32), “We look forward to flexing the expertise and technology we have developed to exceed their goals for market presence in the United States.”

For more information on Location3 Media, please contact Angie Pascale: apascale@location3.com | 720.881.8528 | @angiepascale.

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Location3 Media is a digital marketing agency providing innovative online strategies. For over a decade, Location3 Media and its local search marketing division, Local Search Traffic, have been helping clients to increase exposure, generate traffic, improve user experience, initiate engagement, drive conversions and increase return through integrated marketing programs. Location3’s knowledgeable, experienced staff don’t just work for the weekends—they truly geek out on this stuff. They’re passionate about digital marketing and it shows in the innovative strategies they use and the results they get for clients.


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