Digital Fundamentals for Startup Success

  As someone who started their career at a startup, Denver Startup Week was a great opportunity to re-connect with the world that brought me into digital marketing. As expected, most of the sessions geared […]

Startup Qualities Every Business Should Have

  A few weeks ago Startup Week took over downtown Denver. It’s always an exciting week with lots of great events and talks, and people really get jazzed up to make changes and learn new […]

Perspective, Communication & Storytelling: The Keystones of Integrated Digital Marketing Services

  There are no isolated phenomena, just isolated perspectives. This world, as a whole, is a network of interconnections and relationships. The microcosm of digital marketing is no different. Whether or not you pay attention […]

Have an Error in Your Google Business Listing? Fix it Fast!

  Have you in the past noticed information on Google that is not accurate and wondered what to do about it? Well good, upstanding citizen, look no further. In some cases, there is so much information […]

Six Reasons SEO is More Fun than a Barrel of Monkeys

  I started at Location3 Media more than six years ago. When I was hired my title was “Link Builder” and I didn’t know what search engine optimization was. I had never even dipped my […]

2015 Digital Marketing Predictions

  The landscape of digital marketing is constantly changing. As technology changes, user behavior changes, meaning marketers must react and adapt. As the year comes to a close, industry leaders begin to predict what these […]

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