Google Algorithm Update: Hawk Correcting Course

  Just as the sun rises and sets every day, Google’s local search algorithm ascends or descends local business listings each day. On most days, Google’s local listings remain fairly stable with listings experiencing only […]

How To Increase Customers with Franchise Paid Search Marketing

  At Location3, we’ve been effectively creating and executing franchise digital marketing strategies on behalf of our client partners for more than a decade. One critical channel for driving increases in both brand awareness and […]

Digital Shoptalk Podcast: Facebook The Next Big Search Engine

  As the dominant search engine, Google and all of its features, developments, updates, and trends takes up the majority of our headspace as digital marketers. But that could soon be changing with Facebook further […]

Can Google My Business Posts Help Franchises?

    As you may have heard, Google has released posting capabilities though Google My Business. You may be thinking this sounds like another attempt by Google to make themselves a social media giant in […]

Facebook Ramping Up Its Local Search Efforts

  Facebook has dabbled in local search in the past, but the social media pioneer appears to be looking to take the next step. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said as much in a stakeholder meeting in June 2016: “We […]

How HoneyBaked Ham Embraced Digital And Won Big

  The ham business has long been conventional. On traditional ham days like Thanksgiving and Christmas, local customers flock to their preferred ham providers based on brand loyalty, tradition, and location. Traditional advertising carries the […]

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