How Local Search Can Make The Register Ring This Holiday Shopping Season

  Online shopping is a massive industry, especially during the holiday season when in-store shopping can be a hassle for consumers. But let’s not forget that e-commerce sales still pale in comparison to in-store purchases. […]

Data Shows Engaging With Customer Reviews Improves Organic Ranking

  It’s no secret that customer reviews on places like Google My Business and Facebook can impact both consumers and businesses in myriad ways, as they ultimately affect key decisions being made every second of […]

2018 Local Search Conferences

  The digital marketing world is constantly evolving, pushing marketers to explore and execute the most innovative and effective tactics and practices. In order to keep up, many marketers seek out digital marketing conferences, where […]

Google Algorithm Update: Hawk Correcting Course

  Just as the sun rises and sets every day, Google’s local search algorithm ascends or descends local business listings each day. On most days, Google’s local listings remain fairly stable with listings experiencing only […]

How To Increase Customers with Franchise Paid Search Marketing

  At Location3, we’ve been effectively creating and executing franchise digital marketing strategies on behalf of our client partners for more than a decade. One critical channel for driving increases in both brand awareness and […]

Digital Shoptalk Podcast: Facebook The Next Big Search Engine

  As the dominant search engine, Google and all of its features, developments, updates, and trends takes up the majority of our headspace as digital marketers. But that could soon be changing with Facebook further […]

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