Digital Shoptalk Podcast: Google Home vs. Amazon Echo

  After we discussed how voice search is evolving during a previous Digital Shoptalk episode, we decided to test the two most popular voice search devices ourselves: Google Home and Amazon Echo.  We focused on […]

Digital Shoptalk Podcast: SEO for Voice Search

  During this week’s episode, we discuss why Facebook’s dip in the stock market is not all that alarming. We also discuss Google Home and how search marketers are seeking better ways to gain traffic, […]

Digital Shoptalk Podcast – Conversion Rate Optimization & Local SEO

  In this week’s episode, we discuss the topic of marketing budget windfalls and why we think you should take your extra budget and apply it toward conversion rate testing and optimization.  We also cover […]

Andrew Beckman on SEL: Domain Structure as Local Search Strategy

  Location3 Chairman Andrew Beckman is back at it on Search Engine Land, this time sharing how domain structure can help multi-location brands fine-tune their approach to local SEO strategy: “Developing location pages that are an extension of the […]

Penguin 4.0 Rolling Out Now

  After almost two years, Google today announced on their webmaster blog that they are rolling out an update to their Penguin algorithm filter.  Google has been working on this update for some time now, […]

Andrew Beckman on SEL: Managed Strategy vs. Automation

  Location3 Chairman Andrew Beckman recently offered his expertise to Search Engine Land, where he analyzed the benefits and drawbacks of automated software from a local SEO perspective: “Brand marketers are also realizing that using a SaaS […]

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