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In honor of this month’s holiday, we thought we should have a list of some of Cinco de Mayo favorites.

1. Cinco de Mayo is Mexico’s Independence Day – This is the most popular Cinco de Mayo myth.  The real date of Mexico’s Independence Day is September 16.  May 5th is really a celebration of Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862.

2. I felt compelled to at least have one thing dedicated to local search.  With a mix of authentic, fusion and some places I’ve never been to, here’s a map pack shot of the top results for “Mexican restaurants Denver”

3. Horchata. If you’ve ever had this, you’d know that this delicious sweet drink tastes best with a little bit of cinnamon. Here are two different recipes so have fun learning how to make it.

4. Who doesn’t like a guinea pig in a sombrero?

5.  Finally, if  you’ve  ever wondered how tequila is made, here’s a brief explanation, along with a few drink recipes. Being a wine connoisseur is nice and all, but when you know your Tequila, it says, “I’m smart, but I still like to party.”


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