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There is definitely no shortage of new technology and fun and exciting ways to reach your target market within the display space. But it’s just as important to have a strong grasp on the fundamentals and tactics that provide the most bang for your buck. While new technologies are an essential part of all campaigns, they don’t always provide the reach and scale needed to result in a business impact. Providing a good strategy around the fundamental tactics is where you will see the largest and quickest return.


Retargeting is one of those no-brainer tactics that every marketer should have in their arsenal. If you do nothing else, you should be retargeting. It is one of the most efficient ways to keep customers engaged with your business and move them further down the purchase funnel.

While it is an efficient and easy strategy to implement, it is one that needs to be done well. Consumers are becoming more aware of the capabilities of ad technology and are expecting tailored experiences. If audience segmentation and messaging is not up to snuff, then you are not getting the most out of your campaigns.




Search Retargeting is another one of those strategies that has been around for a while, but is one that we have seen great performance from. As with retargeting, it is important to implement the strategy correctly. Since we have a very strong focus on search, we typically have very extensive keyword lists, but it is also important to have relevant creative for the different keyword themes you are targeting.

We like to use this tactic in a couple of different situations:

1.) In a competitive non-branded search landscape – we can often reach the same audience at a much lower cost.

2.) For products or services that don’t target specific demographics or psychographics. (ie. Healthcare, Telecom)


Yes, I know Programmatic is a big buzz word in the display space, but it can also be considered a fundamental strategy for digital marketing. A lot of the new technologies and targeting capabilities are possible because of programmatic technology and it is at the heart of most ad tech platforms. It is also the quickest way to scale a campaign. While many marketers don’t always allow programmatic technology the room to work because of all the fancy targeting capabilities, using broader targets can help increase performance, scale, and knowledge of your audience.

While we do still geek-out over all the new flashy technology, we strongly believe that if one of these fundamental tactics is not used, and implemented correctly, then we are missing a big opportunity to reach new customers and provide valuable ROI to the client.

What tactics are fundamental to your campaigns? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section!



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