Epic Display Ad Fails


There’s an art and science to creating an effective display advertising campaign. Developing the keyword themes is important, but it takes creative thinking and extensive brainstorming to create a thorough list of blocked matches. What happens if you don’t? Bad News Bears:

Cruise Ship Fail

The words “crash,” “storm,” “Costa Concordia,” “overboard,” “Somali pirates,” and “poop cruise” should probably be on your blocked matches, right Holland America Line?

 Lingerie Fail

This one is amazing. A cataclysmic crash of opposing ideologies. Oh Victoria’s Secret, in your fashion show promotion haste you forgot to block logical opposites to your brand such as “regular women”.


Gun Violence Fail

This last one is actually pretty terrible. Everyone in Denver was shocked and saddened by another school shooting this December. A business like Firing-Line Indoor Shooting Range has no business advertising over this tragedy. Brands that face perception challenges (especially perception challenges that can lead to increased federal regulations) need to exercise extra caution to ensure something like the below doesn’t happen.

Don’t be a victim of display ad fails. Partner with a digital strategist who is capable of thinking through the worst-case match scenarios. Like us.


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