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Yesterday Facebook announced their auto-suggest feature to the search box, enabling users to find and connect faster. As with Google, Yahoo and Bing it will auto-suggest as you type a query into the search box. In honor of St Patricks Day yesterday below is a screenshot of this new feature.

Facebook Auto-suggest

How does Facebook look for suggestions? Here is their explanation:
Now as you’re typing in a query in the search bar, you will instantaneously see results not only of the people, events, groups and Pages you’re connected with but also the connections of your friends and globally relevant results.

This feature is due to roll out to all users over the next few days. For more information click here to direct to the official Facebook Blog.


8 thoughts on “Facebook Auto-Suggest Search Box

  1. Did you guys see how Facebook is now sending Facebook Page administrators a weekly update regarding their Facebook page? # of new fans, # of visits etc… This is a great new addition!

  2. this is a great problem:
    1°- i don t know if anyone noticed but it is impossible to find questions and blogs around the net talking and giving satisfing answer about this point. and this already doesn’t smell good..
    2°- the auto-complete future in the facebook search box, is NOT AN OPTION, not a choise and it can NOT be erased or deactivated as it should be! facebook always prosied not to store any track of what people have been looking for. now it does. you just tape a letter and immediatly you are linked to all the names you have been looking at beginning with that letter, in order of frequency. it’s way out of the privacy rules! if i allowd by chanse or distraction someone to snoop around with my account, heshe will immediately be able to see who’s profile i am interested the most. and what if my girl and i give a look to somebody’s profile (from my account) and while taping his name (for instance john) after the letter j she will see a list of jennifers and jades??

    is there anyone who knows more about? in ALL the blogs and help discussion on fb the subject is banned or only superficially skimmed, and i dont think it’s just a case: THEY DONT WANT TO GIVE MORE EXPLAINATION ABOUT THIS! PLEASE HELP

  3. John, Maybe you shouldn’t be looking at a bunch of Jennifers and Jades in the first place! 🙂

    I haven’t found anything banned, per se, but I would definitely agree that the subject is glossed over. No one seems to have a problem with the privacy, and to be honest, I’m not sure I do either. It’s just like cookies on your computer–it brings up sites and pages you’ve visited in the past for simpler and faster searching. I find that to be very convenient. I also don’t notice that the Facebook pages I visit more often are show at the top at the list. My suggestion to you if you’re very worried about others seeing what you’re searching for on Facebook–log out before leaving the site. I’ll do some more searching to see if I can come up with more info on the subject, but it’s not looking good.

  4. @John: You are 100% right. I was searching for a way to remove that history information from Facebook’s auto-suggest search and your comment is the closest I’ve come to anything substantially discussing this topic. Facebook brings up any profiles you have visited in the auto suggest… Big problem for boyfriends and girlfriends husbands and wives world over! @Angie:all the internet browsers have caught on and have built in privacy features either removing cookies and internet history tracks or modes which disable them in the first place. Clearly there is a demand for such privacy whether you agree with it morally or not. So it is very odd this is not discussed or dealt with anywhere with respect to facebook!

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