Friday Nuggets: The Digital Marketer’s Weekly Roundup


“Friday Nuggets” has a whole new meaning this fine day, as Wendy’s is shooting a taste test commercial on a fake beach they constructed outside our office building. You better believe the whole L3M Squad is getting some free nuggets and Frosty’s at lunch! If you thought that cat hugging a kitten video was distracting, try watching this outside your window all day:

We found an interesting article in the New York Times by Jonathan Franzen about love and technology. Strangely, he gets through an entire three page article without once referencing “Weird Science.”

Check out this SearchEngineLand post on Facebook commerce stats. Take them with a grain of salt though, as they all come directly from Facebook.  So when they say 110% of companies who purchase ad space from Facebook shoot to the top of the Fortune 500, you may want to find a second source.

Google is going to start charging for clicks on location extensions in PPC ads.  The daily “Google” illustration remains free of charge though!

The Economist lays out an interesting chart showing which countries have the most internet traffic per capita, and project which will top the list in 2015. Just like an archery event at the Olympics, South Korea is kicking the U.S.’s butt.

Finally, two very different reactions to a first bike ride had us cracking up this morning.


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