Google Analytics Calculation Controls: Fast Access Begone?


Google Analytics officially announced yesterday a new feature that has been in public beta for a while now. The new feature is a slider that helps you control the amount of “sampling” that Google Analytics performs on your reports. The update also includes features such as a bar showing the progress for reports that take longer to download and automatic caching of reports so you don’t have to wait for the reports to load each time. This feature has long been a staple of larger, more expensive tools like Adobe’s Omniture SiteCatalyst and Google’s integration of it is a strong indicator of the company’s move towards offering Google Analytics as a more enterprise-driven solution. Google does offer a paid version, Google Analytics Premium, but unlike Adobe, Google continues to offer a free analytics tool that boasts many of these enterprise features at no additional cost.

And now, feast your eyes on some juicy screenshots! As Google Analytics Certified Partners, we have had the pleasure of enjoying this beta for a little while now and have found it extremely useful in providing our clients with reports both faster and with higher data integrity.

Note how tiny the message stating a report is cached appears at the bottom of your reports (“The report was generated on 2/28/12 at 4:08 PM – Refresh Report”) – you have to really look for it!

Have you been able to access the public beta? What do you think?


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