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Earlier this week Google announced the imminent release of a new set of social monitoring reports in Google Analytics. This is very exciting news for analysts and social media marketers alike, as these reports help paint a clearer picture of the full impact of social media.

There are a plethora of ways that the new Google Analytics reports aim to improve your social media measurement, but the one I am the most excited about is the Activity Stream. This report is unique to Google Analytics in that it actually pulls in a feed of posts where your content was shared on social networks. For example, if someone publicly shares a link to your website on their Blogger blog with the message, “Hey guys, check out this awesome site I found!” you would then be able to see that in your Activity Stream, similar to the stream below.

The big caveats with Activity Stream include:

  • Activity Stream will only pull in posts that are absolutely public, if a user has any privacy settings turned on in their social site then Activity Stream can’t pull in any of their posts. Period.
  • In order for a social site to get included in Activity Stream reports, they need to join Google Analytics’ Social Data Hub. Right now many major players like Facebook and Twitter are not included in this data hub, so we won’t be getting feeds from them in Activity Stream for a little while. Hopefully they will sign on in the near future.

In other random news, Shatner is 81! Can you believe it?! He’ll always be this young in my eyes. Happy belated, Captain!



One thought on “Google Analytics: New Social Reports

  1. Since last year Google changed its SEO policy.

    First, for all the “social media experts” who were advertising or public relations agencies in 2010, it is not link backs or algorithms.

    Ways Google dispenses SEO TODAY. 1) Are you spending $ on purchasing Google ads? 2) Are you bringing people to Google+ and active on it? 3) Do you have a YouTube account and posting throughout, like you would Facebook? (Notice Google SEO is now Google-centric – no more link backs or algorithms.) Lastly, Google has a “sort of like” Klout system it measures your scores on 21st Century marketing tools like Twitter, Facebook and reportedly in process (within a week or two) of adding Pinterest.


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