Google Launches Content Experiments


Site performance improvement is considered the cornerstone of any analytics program. Here at Location3 have been improving sites using Google Website Optimizer along with a host of other tools for a long time. These key insights not only improve the user experience but also help improve overall site and marketing performance.

As a Google Analytics Certified Partner, we have been beta testing the newest Google testing tool, Content Experiments, officially released today. This new tool, which will be replacing Google Website Optimizer, makes testing and measurement of different page layouts almost effortless.

Content Experiments works as an A/B test allowing you to develop several versions of a page and then show different versions to different visitors. Google defines it as an A/B/N test because you can test up to five different versions of a page. The tool seamlessly integrates with your current Google Analytics (GA) account, helping to optimize tests toward goals already defined in your account. GA will measure the efficacy of each page to then determine the most effective version, based on your already defined metrics.

We have a few tests live for clients now and the learning’s have been tremendous so far. Because this is an A/B testing tool much different than their multivariate tool, more page development is required which could be time consuming depending on your CMS or other platforms. If you have been following GA tagging best practices, you will be able to maintain your existing tagging. Only one new tag will need to be placed on the original page. The integration with GA also means you can use important metrics such as optimized goal conversions and advanced segmentation in the reporting.

Check back for updates and case studies on this major development!


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