Google To Add More Social Analytics


Google announced today that they intend to add more social measurement tools to Google Analytics in the near future. The announcement was meant as a heads up that these tools are in the pipeline. There is not official launch date at this time.

Google is calling the new measurement process “Social Data Hub,” which will provide information about on- and off-site social engagement with content, to display a more comprehensive view of a brand’s social activity and long-term impact. These reports will be created by integrating activity streams from several social networks into Google Analytics.

Google added a social section when they updated the analytics reporting recently. This section shows only on-site social actions taken by users. It automatically adds +1s, and with a small bit of code, can track actions on Facebook and Twitter shares as well.

The new Social Data Hub will provide greater detail on the performance and impact of content across the web, not just on a single website. Everyone is trying to figure out how to accurately measure social media efforts and attribute with sales and leads. Currently, there are endless tools available to measure social interactions; however, there is no one tool that tracks it all and can legitimately prove social media’s contribution to sales/leads. And while I am excited to integrate Google’s social analtyics findings into our data evaluation process, I don’t yet see this as the solution to all our social measurement challenges. However, once the reporting is releases, we’ll have a better understanding of it’s contribution. As with many social media analytics announcements, it’s a wait and see situation.


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