Google Suggest Ads Beta


Google is releasing a new Beta Test for the Google Suggest feature.  This new Beta would allow sponsored ad links to populate in the suggestions drop-down on the Google homepage.  Google will be experimenting with a number of formats including (but not limited too) top placement, bottom placement, and title text links of various placements.


This should give you an idea of what it will look like if it gets out of beta.  Check it out below:


This really looks like a great opportunity, giving advertisers the ability to grab a searcher before they even get to the SERPs.  The bottom placement ads seem like the most viable option because it will be much less intrusive.  While top placement could easily result in accidental clicks and as a result wasted ad spend.  The best part about the Google Suggest Ads Beta, is that if you’re lucky enough to be one of the test accounts this traffic won’t cost you a penny.  If the Beta tests go well, we will hopefully be adding another viable keyword targeting option into the already robust Google Adwords arsenal.


One thought on “Google Suggest Ads Beta

  1. Here’s an update I received from Google on how conversion tracking for this test would work:

    “The tracking codes in the destination URL will continue to work. If the advertiser relies on autotagging for their conversion tracking, they will not be able to tie those conversions back to ads because we will not autotag these clicks. Conversion tracking within AdWords will also not be reported but advertisers who appear will receive a stats report with clicks.”

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