How to Build Our Your Brand’s LinkedIn Company Page


While I understand the benefits of LinkedIn for personal branding and business development, I’ve always been perplexed and frustrated at it’s lack of value for businesses. Sure, sure, brands get the residual effect of having great employees (not something to scoff at) and there is the ability to create groups (if you find that useful) and there are a couple advertising options (which we have not found particularly useful), but that’s about it. At the beginning of the month, however, LinkdedIn became a little more brand-friendly LinkedIn began offering Company Pages, where brands can add products or services, business descriptions, videos and more. This allows brands to have more control over their image on LinkedIn.

If you haven’t checked out the new LinkedIn Company Pages, you should get on over there now and start building out a page for your company. Below are some tips for adding content to each of the three tabs—Overview, Careers and Services.

Overview Tab

The Overview tab contains a description of the business, list of employees, list of new hires, blog feed (not correctly pulling ours though), website link, address with Google Map and feed of brand activity on LinkedIn. These items can easily be updated by clicking the “Edit” button in the upper right of the page.

Careers Tab

Exactly what it sounds like—any job postings purchased by your company will show up here. The same rates still apply for posting a job on LinkedIn, but now they are better organized within the Company Page.

Services Tab

This is the more exciting feature, and the one that I believe will prove to be most beneficial. Brands can showcase each of their products or services and invite other LinkedIn users to recommend or review those products/services. To add a service, simply click on the “Add a product or service” button in the upper right side of the page. Indicate the category, name and description of the product or service. Add an image and related videos. And list the LinkedIn users from your business that should be contacted if someone is interested in learning more.

We’re in the process of uploading all of our services, but here’s what it looks like with one one service added.

Besides the job postings, it does not cost a thing to create and enhance these Linkedin Company Pages. While I’m pleased to see LinkedIn becoming more brand-friendly, only time will tell if these are actually useful. Although they may not work for retail businesses with hundreds of products, they have great potential for B2B companies. But before you go creating product pages willy-nilly, be sure to do your research to determine if your audience is truly on LinkedIn. Just because it’s shiny and new does not always mean that you should play with it!


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