Interactive Marketing Weekly Roundup 2.5.10


It’s interactive marketing weekly roundup time. Before jumping right into the articles, I wanted to explain a new format I’m trying out. I’ve received some feedback that these roundups jump from topic to topic a bit. Since we’re covering the entire interactive marketing industry, this is inevitable. However, we’d like our readers to have a pleasant and enlightening experience when visiting expertSEM; therefore, I’ve broken the articles out into separate aspects of interactive marketing. Hope this helps with the organization of topics and makes reading more enjoyable.


A decade of search: a year-by-year recap

What does a trip down search’s memory lane look like? According to Danny Sullivan, “All roads seemingly lead to Google.” Danny is offering up a series of blogs about search in the 2000s. He’s tackling a decade a post over the next few months, discussing important events and revolutionary breakthroughs, key happenings and people within each engine and other interesting items. All of the decade recap posts will be linked to his introduction post. Travel the converging search transportation system—read them all!

How to use affiliates for brand protection in paid search

Don’t just use your affiliates to help you sell products—use them to help protect your brand in the paid search landscape. This blog explains how to determine if this is a good option for you and, if so, how to go about doing it. Obviously, clearly defined affiliate marketing parameters are a necessity. You should also hand-select the affiliates that you want to use and, naturally, monitor every element of the program. Read the full article to learn more details on using affiliates in paid search.

Google patent filings

To ensure that all roads continue to lead to Google, the search giant updated a number of patent filings in January that cover technologies for behavioral targeting, video content and maps. The behavioral targeting patents focus on methods for delivering ads across networks by compiling stats on individuals and those networks, and tracking capabilities. Video content patents focus on ad overlays and video promos on video-sharing sites. And the maps patent focuses on delivering more aesthetically pleasing maps and panoramic or 3D maps. Learn more about these patents on MediaPost.

Crispin Porter + Bogusky Digital Peep Show

In the first installment of the AMA Digital Dynamics series, Winston Binch of Crispin Porter + Bogusky will provide a look into the digital programs and campaigns developed by the ubiquitous agency. Winston is a partner at CP + B and the managing director of interactive. He’s discuss some of the creative tactics and strategies utilized to make brands famous, change culture , connect with customer and deliver business results in an ever-evolving digital landscape. The webinar is taking place on Wednesday, February 17 at 2:00 p.m. MST. Register for the free webinar today. Location3 Media is a proud sponsor of the Digital Dynamics series.


How to overcome the challenges of huge online commerce sites

Massive online retails sites offering thousands upon thousands of products can be a major challenge for an SEO. Duplicated content with other distributors, lack of in-depth product descriptions and confusing navigation are just some of the issues SEOs face. This article provides some solutions for making online retail sites SEO-friendly. Check out the full article.

New image SEO tool

A new SEO allows you to evaluate images on a website to determine if search engines can read them effectively. Image descriptions, called “alternative text” or “alt text,” tell search engines what is contained in the images, allowing them to properly index that image. Alt text also helps visually impaired searchers using a screen reader. The new tool actually analyzes the alt text and counts the number of words to ensure it’s descriptive and accurate, rather than just checking to see if images have alt text. Check out a more in-depth description of the new tool.

What’s a link worth?

What’s a link really worth? It’s an arbitrary issue, but so is every value placed on marketing efforts, we’ve just come to accept the numbers. So it’s time that we really understand and agree on how to determine the worth of a link. This series of articles helps to explain how to value linking activities and determine ROI. Read part one and stay tuned for the remainder of the series.


European firms try out twitter

Twitter doesn’t have quite the same following in other countries as it does in the United States. But not for long. European firms have recently jumped on and begun to embrace Twitter, according to the Wall Street Journal. Finally. Sheesh!

Five thing true social media experts do

The moral of this article: Don’t be an expert at social media, be an expert at communication. So these five tips will help you become great at social media, but only because you’re becoming a better communicator. The five tips are: 1. highlight others; 2. listen harder and listen to everyone; 3. adapt; 4. get passionate; 5. ignore social media “experts” and checklists. Read the full article.

Measuring social without tools

Can’t afford expensive tracking and measuring tools? Or just want to measure your results more organically? Check out this brief article where industry pros explain, via Twitter, how they measure social media results manually. Well, mostly manually.

Social media is not all roses

Naturally, we think social media is the bees knees. But nothing is perfect and even social media has its flaws. The Copywriter Underground offers some examples of social media gone bad, and how to avoid these pitfalls (awareness being the strongest weapon).


Report: 2010 digital marketing budgets increase in 2010

According to a report released by Econsultancy and ExactTarget, digital marketing will account for 24% of overall marketing spend this year. Report findings come from a survey of more than 1,000 companies worldwide. SEO budgets will increase for 64% of companies , PPC budgets will increase for 51% and social budgets will increase a whopping 70%. Download a free sample of the report or you can purchase the full report.

Complete the SEMPO Survey

The Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization (SEMPO) is currently seeking participants for their annual survey, “State of Search Engine Marketing,” which helps to document industry spending and investigate new trends. Both in-house and agency SEM pros are encouraged to complete the survey and you don’t need to be a SEMPO member. Complete the survey before February 22 .

PewResearch: Social media/mobile use among millennials

What are those cooky millennials currently doing online? It’s not blogging, that’s for sure. According to a report by PewResearch, blogging popularity has declined since 2006, especially among teens and early twenty-somethings. Nor are they tweeting much. While teens typically use most other online networks more than adults, Twitter is an exception: only 8% of 12-17 year olds use Twitter. Discover more social media stats from PewResearch.


Google Maps personalized search

On Tuesday, Google announced personalized suggestions and staring capabilities for Google Maps on the Android. Personalized suggestions and starring allow you to save places and access them later, and will be synched between desktop and mobile devices (as long as you’re signed into your Google account). Read the official announcement on the Google Mobile Blog.

Google Maps adding store view

Continuing on their quest to map the entire world and everything in it, Google is now taking photographs inside stores to provide “Google Store Views” on Google Maps. According to a tip received by Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land, Google is taking 360 degree shots every six feet inside stores. Other than stating that they’re always experimenting, Google had “nothing further to announce at this time.” Read Barry’s full article.

Trespass lawsuit again Google affirmed

The U.S. Appeals Courts has allowed a trespass lawsuit against Google to move ahead, after dismissing a handful of other claims related to the case. In early 2008, a PA couple sued Google for taking pictures of their home for Google Street View, stating that their residence was clearly marked with a private, no trespassing sign. The couple filed claims for trespassing, invasion of privacy, punitive damages and others. While they’re expected to win the case, they won’t received much from Google for damages. Read the full article.

How to engage in Google “Mapvertising”

Six Odd Tactics For Getting Ads Into Google Maps

The prevalence and popularity of Google Maps has gotten the creative juices flowing for digital marketing pros. Search Engine Land recently posted an article discussing six unique methods for advertising on Google Maps, including “roofvertising” and “land art” (think crop circles but with branded messaging). While these tactics are not yet being used, they have potential and could be the norm in the near future. Read the full article.


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