Interactive Marketing Weekly Roundup 3.12.10



Google becomes transparent

Well, sort of. Google is making an effort to explain how their search technology, ads and apps work, most likely due to the EU antitrust investigation they recently underwent. Check out three explanatory videos at Search Engine Land.

Are Bing’s real-time results better than Google’s?

Google integrated Twitter results in their regular SERP. Bing created a separate page specifically for Twitter searches. Which was the right way? At first it seemed like Google got it right; now Bing is looking to have make the correct decision. Read the full article to learn more.

Rocky Mountain represent!

ReadWriteWeb highlighted a fellow Colorado city, Boulder, as a tech startup hot spot. The RWW series, called “Never Mind the Valley,” showcases up-and-coming cities that are filled with entrepreneurs and creative communities. Boulder has some 160 startups nestled amongst the picturesque Rocky Mountains. Check out the first and second parts for a full story with a nice video.

Facebook is most visited site

According to Hitwise, Facebook just bypassed Google as the most visited site in the United State. But Facebook shouldn’t start celebrating just yet. It only rose above Google by .05% for the week ending March 13, and it’s possible the victory will be short lived. Learn more.

Me surf pretty one day?

It’s difficult to understand (and sometimes super frustrating) when people don’t know how to use the internet. Whether it’s typing a URL in the search bar or posting a comment as if it’s a personal message, it’s confounding to me that people don’t understand. Then I take a step back and realize not everyone does this for a living. Just because some people don’t understand how it all works, does that mean they’re less intelligent? Of course not. It just means they’re less experienced. A ReadWriteWeb article dives into this issue of web literacy, offering some interesting and insightful information on the issue.

Most innovative web tech at SXSW finalists

The winners of the Microsoft BizSpark Accelerator contest, recognizing the tech business’s next big things, were announced at SXSW on Tuesday. The winners are: Innovative Web, Siri; Entertainment, ShopSavvy; Business Social Media, Mobile Roadie; and Personal Social Media, Bump. Congrats to the winners. Learn more about the contest.

Steve Jobs cheese head

I tried to come up with a clever comment about this, but the only word in my head is “disturbing.” You’ll probably agree.

Steve Jobs Cheese Head


Google to allow users to opt out of analytics tracking

Google announced a new initiative to quell user privacy concerns by allowing them to opt out of analytics tracking. To opt out, users must install a global browser-based plugin that Google is currently developing. Will this opt-out option compromise your site and online marketing campaigns? Google doesn’t see a problem since users can already opt out by turning off javascript and not everyone will install the plugin. The problem I see is that users don’t understand the importance of being tracked. By understanding their behavior, we online marketers aren’t trying to pry into their lives. We’re trying to make their searching experience better by helping them locate products and services quicker and more easily. Check out Search Engine Land for more info.

Attribution with offline conversions

Attribution is a major issue right now. With so many touch points in a user’s conversion path—online media, search ads, videos, phone calls, emails, etc.— how do you give credit to the medium that generated the sale/lead? Well, it’s complicated. Especially when you factor in offline conversions. Read this Search Engine Land article to understand where multi-channel attribution is today.


Matt Cutts interviewed by Eric Enge

In line with Google’s recent transparency, Matt Cutts spoke to Eric Enge about a variety of SEO-related topics. It’s a must read for every search marketer out there. Check it out now.


How to make your Facebook ads perform better

Facebook ads typically have low click through rates. For such a targeted ad platform, this is pretty surprising. But there are fun and clever ways to increase your CTR on Facebook ads. Check out this article for tips from a real-life campaign.

How law enforcement uses social media

If you think the 5-O are always after you and up to no good, I wouldn’t recommend reading this article. But if you believe the cops are only out to protect and serve, then you’ll enjoy this informative piece on how the law enforcement industry is getting creative and solving crimes with social media.

State of Twitter

Check out some sweet infographics on the State of Twitter and the Path to 10 Billion Tweets.

YouTube updates

Two big announcements about YouTube this week: Google opened up their Display Ad Builder tool to YouTube advertisers, allowing them to use the templates to create InVideo and companion ads on YouTube. Also, YouTube Insights now offers a subscribers tab, which lets Channel owners can see their total subscribers along with daily new and/or lost subscribers per country. Watch a video on how to use YouTube Insights.


Mobile advertising on the rise

A recent study by and Mojiva predicts mobile marketing advertising spend to increase 80% in 2010, from $143,000 to $260,000 on average. Those that aren’t yet involved with mobile marketing claim it’s because they need a better strategy, but they’re willing to test it out and optimistic about the opportunities.


Highlights from Borrell local conference

A local search marketing conference hosted by Borrell Associates took place a few week ago in New York City. The event helped to push the idea that local is a valid and growing industry. Check out a brief recap.

Google Maps sponsored logos

Last year, Google Maps added icons and labels of prominent businesses; however, the rhyme and reason behind which businesses received icons was not clear. In a third effort to be more transparent (and, naturally, make a buck at the same time), Google is offering Sponsored Map Icons in Australia.


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