Location3 Partners with Tru Measure to Expand Campaign Optimization Analytics



Crested Butte, CO — Location3 expands the services provided to their digital marketing agency clients with the announcement of their back-office partnership with Tru Measure. Tru Measure, a SaaS-based consumer engagement analytics technology, will enable Location3 to expand their tracking and analytics capabilities.

“One hurdle we’ve always had to manage with our clients is implementing call measurement and conversion tracking on their websites,” explains Erik Whaley, director of Local Search Traffic, the division of Location3 Media, which will be using the software. Through the Tru Measure technology, Location3 can implement their conversion pixels, capture and record phone calls, and capture email details without requiring modifications to their clients’ websites. “Tru Measure will enable us to implement the tracking we need to optimize our clients’ campaigns. It takes the burden off our clients’ plates.”

Location3 will integrate the Tru Measure post-click consumer analytics metrics into their existing campaign management platform for Local Search Traffic, using the data as additional feedback elements in their campaign optimization process.

About Tru Measure
Tru Measure (www.trumeasure.com) is a metrics-driven technology services company focused on capturing consumer engagement generated from media and advertising. The TruMeasure core products enable non-obtrusive collection of engagement analytics for all media types, including print, online, and mobile. Tru Measure is headquartered in Crested Butte, CO with offices in New York, Denver and Seattle.

About Location3 Media
Location3 Media (https://www.location3.com) is a digital marketing agency with emphases on paid search marketing, SEO, social media and creative services. For over a decade, Location3 Media and its local search marketing division, Local Search Traffic, have been helping clients to increase conversions, drive additional traffic and improve user experience through integrated marketing programs. Location3’s knowledgeable, experienced staff don’t just work for the weekends-they truly geek out on this stuff. They’re passionate about search, social and creative marketing and it shows in the innovative strategies they use and the results they get for clients.


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