Measuring Engagement in Your Online Campaigns


So it seems like everyone is talking about engagement these days, but in the context of marketing, what exactly does it mean? After reading Tony Zito’s post, “Get Engaged…Whatever That Means” it’s clear that engagement is much more than an ambiguous way to measure online campaigns. Including engagement as part on your online campaign requires identifying and understanding how effective your campaign will be during each step in a user’s path to purchase.

Results from the comScore study, “For Display Ads, Being Seen Matters More than Being Clicked”, have shown that hover intent, a form of ad engagement, is more highly correlated with conversion in online display campaigns. According to the study, clicks actually showed the lowest correlation to conversions.

Additionally, advertisers who are optimizing campaigns for engagement are able to reach a larger audience to measure performance, as the amount of users who are engaging with display advertising is much larger than those who click on ads. By combining the targeting capabilities that display campaigns offer with a highly customized message, advertisers can increase engagement among a relevant audience, and ultimately drive conversions.

As an advertiser, it is important to remember that a good majority of display ad impressions are actually never seen by a user, as many fall below the fold or fail to load entirely in the user’s browser before clicking to another page. By adjusting the metrics used to measure display ad campaign success to include engagement metrics (such as hover intent), advertisers will have more meaningful data to review and analyze campaign performance.


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