New Advanced Segment Layout in Google Analytics


In the very near future, Google Analytics should be publicly rolling out a new version of the Advanced Segments that you (hopefully) know and love. This new version will have a different look and feel, as well as some cool new features. Some of you may already have access to it.

Keep an eye on the logins that you currently use to make sure your old advanced segments get translated into the new format (which should happen automatically according to Google). But please feel free to reach out via the comments section below if something isn’t working out for you.

The new segments look like this:

You’ll click the red outlined “down arrow” above to see all your segments, create new ones, and edit old ones.

You can drag and drop segments into the dotted slots to add them to your reporting. Clicking on the small “x” on a segment will remove it from reporting. You can edit, copy, share or delete a segment by clicking on the small “gear” icon.

When you create or edit a segment, you’ll notice some nifty features. You can make advanced segments now based on the user’s history with the website, instead of just segmenting based on visits. This enables you to create cool segments like “First Visit was Greater Than 30 Days Ago,” etc. Here’s an example of a segment that was created to filter for users who have an organic visit, followed eventually by a cpc visit.

Have fun playing around with this new tool! Do you have a favorite use for it? If so, let us know!


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