Social Syndication Workshop with Brent Csutoras


Social Syndication Workshop with Brent Csutoras

This week, we had the honor of hosting SEO and Social Industry Vet Brent Csutoras. Brent visited the Location3 Media office for a half day training session and workshop on social syndication. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing Brent speak or even just chatted with him for a few minutes, you know he’s a spirited and enthusiastic individual, with a passion for this industry that is nearly unrivaled.

Brent covered so many topics and provided a wealth information—too much to fully capture in one easily-digestible blog post. I’ve pulled out a few of the main takeaways and great ideas I received from his session:

Influencers Are Everything

Just like in every other industry, it’s all about who you know. Leverage those people that have a large, engaged following to help you promote your content.

Links = Authority

We discuss the importance of links for SEO campaigns, but what is that really providing? Authority. Social mentions, shares and visits also provides this authority, and is truly the way that people are showing their preference for and attachment to brands, products and services now. Expand your desire for authority beyond links to focus on social media channels.

Consumers Are More Educated Than Ever

Consumers are 66-90% of the way through their purchase decision before they connect with a vendor or visit their site, according to Forrester Research, That means you can’t rely on your site to provide all the information consumers need. You need to expand your reach into other channels to educate and connect with the consumer while they are still researching and making up their mind.

Consumers Are Trend Focused, Not Brand Focused

Consumers are not as loyal to brands as they once were. Instead, they are interested in finding a brand that will provide them with the products and/or services that are popular. Following those trends and ensuring your brand can deliver on them is how you can get in front of consumers.

Virality Not Guaranteed

We can create the most interesting and relevant piece of content, optimize every aspect of it, follow every best practice for sharing that content and distribute on all the appropriate channels, but we cannot guarantee that it will take off. Maybe a celebrity goes off the deep end and it’s all people are talking about. Or maybe your top influencer that always shares everything was on vacation and not checking their social profiles. The reality is that some things are out of our control.

Social Promotional May Fail, And That’s Okay

To further the point above, we can’t control what other people are doing on social media at the exact moment that a piece of content is syndicated. Resubmit or reshare the content to try again. And always take the time to learn lessons from the failure.

Quality of Content Is Opinion Based

That’s why it’s necessary to have a variety of folks from different disciplines (e.g., SEOs, social managers, designers, analysts) at the table during brainstorm sessions and involved throughout the content creation process. Listen to all suggestions and adapt accordingly to truly provide the highest quality content.

Users Don’t Want To Share Commercials

To maximize the performance of content, it can’t be 100% brand focused and promotional. When creating a single piece of content, the first version should have a broader focus that is meant to capture attention and inspire sharing. You can always go back and edit those pieces that did well initially to add in promotional messaging and CTAs.

Talk Like People, Not A Brand

Humanize the brand, provide top-notch customer care and become a friend of the consumer. These are all expectations from today’s consumers, and an important part of the purchase decision.

Promotion Can Quickly Turn to Spamming

Continuing a content promotion for too long can not only be unsuccessful, it can be harmful—creating frustration with or an aversion to a brand, product or service. Two weeks is an appropriate timeframe for most campaigns for a single piece of content.

Brent provided a million other insights and tips to help us further enhance our social media, SEO and content marketing campaigns. Thanks again to Brent for sharing his time and knowledge with the Location3 team!


2 thoughts on “Social Syndication Workshop with Brent Csutoras

  1. Thank you so much for the kind comments Angie and for putting up with me for two days.

    I absolutely loved meeting and spending more time with you, and everyone at Location3 this week.

    You all have a great energy and passion that excited me and made the entire trip fun and exciting!

    1. You’re very welcome, Brent! It was nice to have an officemate for a while. And the rest of the team really enjoyed their time with you, too.

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