Friday Nuggets: The Digital Marketer’s Weekly Roundup


The Friday before a long weekend is like the first day of school: everyone’s full of giddy anticipation, backpacks are packed and the pressure’s on to not throw up or for the rest of the year everyone will call you PukeMeister. Have a great holiday weekend!

New research from comscore shows searchers looking for Google+ are younger and higher income than searchers looking for Facebook.

The Denver Egotist reports on the launch in Denver last week, providing a more visual and interactive social calendar for the city. Use the beta invite code ‘flylocal’ to get in and check it out.

Need an infographic? The blog Cool Infographics has a kabillion, from iPhone Tracking to Where Google is Making Its Money to the hard hitting visual journalism of The Art and Science of S’mores.

Boozecats. That’s all.

This insane wind suit stunt puts the wind beneath our wings and makes us believe we can fly

Insane Flyby In Wingsuit – Watch more Funny Videos


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