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Attracting qualified franchisee prospects is paramount to expanding your franchise network and solidifying your franchise brand as an industry player. These prospects are actively researching and evaluating franchise systems based on factors such as public perception, opportunity for growth, and the experience of current franchisees.

It can be difficult to find prospects that are qualified and the proper fit for your franchise system. That’s why it’s so important that your digital marketing strategy is locked in. Through a variety of integrated strategies, including search engine optimization, paid search, and paid media, we’re able to drive qualified leads to your franchise sales site.

The most important factor in our franchise development services is an intense focus on efficiency. Our team of experts specializes in advanced targeting strategies, ensuring that your message is delivered to an ideal prospect at the lowest cost to your budget. Learn more about Location3’s strategic approach to franchise development below.

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Brand Perception

Potential franchisees are making a life-changing decision that requires careful consideration and extensive research. It’s important that your franchise system is not only visible during this research phase, but also that the perception of your brand is well maintained. Through various SEO tactics, we’re capable of building the trust and buzz required to inspire potential franchisees to act.

Search Engine Optimization

We maximize visibility for your franchise sales site with onsite and technical enhancements that improve organic rankings on all of the major search engines. We also find additional content opportunities through a content gap analysis.

Map Listings

We ensure all listings data for your business locations are up to date and accurate. This strategy improves organic ranking for your franchise sales site while also solidifying your franchise system’s reputation.

Paid Search

We then build on your brand visibility with paid search campaigns. This high-impact strategy delivers relevant ad messaging to potential franchisees in a highly targeted geographic area or region at the moment they are researching.


Through geotargeting, the reach of your ads is narrowed in order to target customers who are within a specific radius of your business locations. This strategy allows you to reach your most relevant audience while ensuring your budget is spent efficiently.

Ongoing Optimization

Every Paid Search campaign requires a nuanced understanding of the major advertising channels, including Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Whether it’s discovering new keyword themes, optimizing bids, or testing ad copy, our PPC specialists are constantly fine-tuning your campaigns to get the most from your budget.

Paid Media

Paid media is a relatively traditional advertising model that places paid ads for your franchise system through a range of channels. Despite its traditional concepts, the paid media landscape is quite complex and competitive. We’re able to efficiently navigate that landscape to deliver strong messaging to your ideal prospect, increasing brand awareness and converting prospects into franchisees.

Advanced Targeting

DoubleClick Bid Manager is a programmatic purchasing platform that allows us to leverage first-party and advanced third-party data for advanced targeting while controlling cost and reaching audiences in the appropriate context at the ideal time.

Paid Social

Facebook and Instagram advertising is one of the most powerful and cost-effective strategies for reaching and influencing prospects. In addition to reaching your potential prospects, we also provide LOCALACT – a software-with-a-service solution to manage your Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns at scale.

Franchise Development

Successful franchise development requires a digital presence in every step of the decision funnel. Location3 focuses on ensuring your franchise system has visibility not only on the right sites at the right time, but that targeting and focus is tightly defined in order to attract the right prospects by the most efficient means.


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