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Location3 Media offers inclusion of a virtual tour of your business interior to be included in Google Search and Google Maps as part of your Google My Business listing. Locations 3 works with TrustedPhotoAmerica to provide nationwide coverage of certified Google Independent Photographers (TIPs) to streamline this process and provide the highest caliber publishing of your business’s virtual tour and feature photos.

In launching and implementing the Google Street View service for the Google My Business page, there are some important things to consider and also to understand some changes that occurred in 2016 with Google Street View.

Prior to July 2016, Google had a policy to blur ALL faces in photos. Google has removed this policy. A business may choose to have employees or customers in the photos and if written permission is received (photo release), no blurring needs to obstruct the imagery. Any potentially proprietary information such as computer monitor screens and white-board writing will be blurred on request.

In Preparation

For each shoot we like to insure that the TIP is made aware of any other special considerations, such as security concerns or brand privacy policies.

Do you have any such concerns or policies that the photographer needs to be aware of?

Do you have any limitations as to which areas/rooms should be included in the shoot and which should not be included?


If you would like the shoot to include areas that are considered as building entrance areas special approval may be required in advance from any facilities that house more than one business.

Does your facility require pre-authorization to photograph entryways, hallways, elevators, etc. leading into your place of business? (I.e. permission is required from building owners if customers enter through a common area, like in a mall or office tower, before they enter your business.)

Please be prepared to communicate any such restrictions directly to the photographer when he/she arrives for the photo shoot.

Google Street View Guidelines
Photospheres / Virtual Tour Imagery

Each photosphere will be photographed from one position and will cover 360 degree views and from the floor around the tripod legs (nadir) to the directly over the camera(zenith). Anything you can see while standing in that spot will be visible. Photographers are not able to “avoid” certain areas or displays due to the nature of the image.

Each photosphere must be within approximately 3-7 feet from the next photosphere indoors and have a direct line of sight to the next spin. Outdoor photospheres can be approx 10-20 feet from the next photosphere. Photospheres will be photographed at each step of the tour, including each corner or down a hallway, in order to guide the viewer down a direct path of arrows without going through walls, furniture, or other fixed landmarks.

Each location should begin with at least one spins outside the front entrance, and connect to one spin just inside the front door. The tours must all begin at the front door (main entrance).

Personal identifying information like license plates and faces of anyone photographed without a signed release will be blurred.

Still Photos

Up to 10 traditional, professional feature still photos will be taken of each location. These photos can now include people with a signed release and also include any of the following categories that Google uses in Google My Business dashboard.

Interior photos
Interior photos help your customers get a feel for the ambiance and decor of your business.

Exterior photos
Exterior photos help customers recognize your business as they approach from different directions.

Photos at work
Photos help customers quickly understand the type of work you do.

Team photos
Team photos are important to present a more personal side of your establishment.

Additional photos
Be sure to include photos of any unique and compelling features of your business that don’t fit neatly into the other photo categories.

Please Note

We are able to take one standard (still) shot of a brand brochure or logo and reuse that image in all of the locations for brand representation. It does have to be something the Google Trusted Photographer photographs during the shoot however, rather than a .JPEG that already exists, but any one photo or product shot can be posted on other locations as well.

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