Display advertising was built on branding, but in the ever-evolving digital ecosystem, it’s morphed into something far more advanced than that. At Location3, our team of specialists is devoted to understanding the complex and often overwhelming landscape filled with platforms, publishers, networks and more, so that we can ensure our display programs are doing more than just driving awareness – they’re focused on achieving your business goals. It’s all part of our client-first approach, where our strategies are always aligned with the specific needs of your business. From raising awareness to increasing conversions, we ensure your display campaigns reach your target audience across a multitude of mediums.

The process begins with research – a lot of research. As a data-driven agency, we know every campaign is built on existing information that can be recorded, reviewed, analyzed and acted upon. We don’t just identify your audience, we help you understand their online behavior. From there, we take a methodical approach to publisher and vendor negotiation to ensure that your ads are only shown on sites and landing pages that make sense for your brand and your customers. Wasted impressions don’t serve anyone, so we make sure your ads aren’t serving wasted impressions.

Once we’ve launched your campaign, our team of experts maintain constant watch over your programs while communicating with publishers, DoubleClick media and other various outlets, all while looking for opportunities to achieve maximum performance. Our strategic media buying approach ensures we’re employing the most efficient and effective tools in the game. Whether it’s geographic and demographic research, flighting and targeting, media distribution or retargeting, our display professionals will establish the right mix for your campaign and deliver the conversions you didn’t know were possible.

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