When it comes to local digital marketing for your brick-and-mortar business locations, it is imperative to have a strong foundation that begins with optimized local business listings.  The proof is in the pudding:

| Google’s “near me” searches have increased 34X since 2011 and nearly doubled since 2015 |

| 50% of consumers will visit a store within one day of a local search on their smartphone |

| 18% of local smartphone searches led to a purchase within one day |

Our approach to data optimization, direct distribution and ongoing management ensures your listings rank ahead of your competition.  While our industry becomes more inundated with platforms and tools boasting about the “ease of automation”, the reality is that automation can truly only take you so far. To get the best results, your local business listings need to be actively managed. That’s a fact.  At Location3, we don’t rely on a set-and-forget method for our clients.  By combining our experienced approach to high-touch, managed local listing optimization with our proprietary LOCALACT Platform, we continually drive increases in ranking for all of our multi-location clients, which results in more customer foot traffic for their business locations.  Here’s how:

We Are Listing Managers, Not Simply Data Distributors

Others distribute basic data and stop. We do much more than that and the results validate our hands-on approach.

Data Validation

We begin with a comprehensive approach to validate your business data format and alignment, resolve errors, check analytics tagging and verify addresses and geo coordinates.

Research & Strategy Development

We find the top information sources, gather data regarding the quantity and quality of traffic and distill the data through our proprietary L3Rank Algorithm. Each data source is stack-ranked against all others on a monthly, trended basis, revealing the most impactful sources of location data and consumer traffic. We also conduct keyword and competitive research to inform our search optimization strategy.

Direct Data Distribution

We begin by leveraging our partnerships with the Big Four: Google, Bing, Facebook and Apple, to distribute your optimized data directly for processing. From there, Location3’s direct data distribution network reaches over 100 countries, across 6 different continents, to ensure your listing data is accurate across all platforms and devices. As consumer’s search habits continue to fragment and new technologies are released, we establish new partners while evaluating current ones.

Monitor, Analyze & Optimize Listings

Our LOCALACT Platform provides an interactive online reporting dashboard that highlights listing accuracy, ranking, insights and analytics. We use this information to not only report on performance, but to also continually optimize around core keywords that target ranking algorithms, driving branded and non-branded lift.

Account Management

Maintaining ongoing data integrity is crucial to your local listings presence. Technology alone can’t accomplish this. Location3 local search specialists monitor your business listings and permanently remove duplicates, resolve accuracy discrepancies and launch hyper-local optimization efforts for priority locations. Whether it is  reacting to a phone number update from a local store or working through Google’s latest bug, our team goes the extra mile to get the performance our clients deserve. Give your team a call – they will answer.

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