Measurement & Optimization

Launch was a Success. Now the Real Work Begins.

Measurement & Optimization is a Never-Ending Story.

The difference between a good campaign and a great one is performance optimization. As your digital partner we elevate performance with attribution modelingmedia mix modelingconversion testing and user experience testing. We’re able to tell you what touch points lead to a conversion and how to get back in touch with the people who are almost there. At the end of the day you’ll know how to weigh marketing spend to determine which adjustments will make your dollars work harder. It’s a constant process, but the greatest success stories usually are.

Performance Reporting & Analysis

We are Data Geeks. And This is Our World.

Data-driven performance is the core of Location3 Media. From the beginning our mission has been to use advanced analytics to provide performance insights and recommendations you can’t find anywhere else. Our combination of in-house technology and crazy-smart people enables us to take the guesswork out of your marketing campaign.

From a thorough analytics audit to onsite deployment strategy to customized reporting, our experts collect and analyze reams of data to provide actionable insights. We employ search engine API data, Google Analytics, heat mapping, usability testing, click and impression tracking software and many other tools to test strategies and measure success. The end result is definitive answers to the tough questions that are keeping your business from moving forward.

World-Class Performance Reporting & Analysis Experts

Location3 is a Google Analytics Certified Partner, with a Website Optimization specialization. We’re proud to be one of only a handful of agencies in the world to hold both qualifications. Each highly-trained analytics team member is a Google Analytics Qualified Individual and a member of the Web Analytics Association. Contact us today to talk numbers.

Attribution Modeling

Follow the Data, Find the Truth.

Attribution modeling allows marketers to answer the tough questions. By turning complex tracking data into visual paths to purchase our attribution experts can assign real value to each of your digital channels. Which means concrete answers for questions like which channel is driving the most conversions or how much lift display advertising is giving your overall campaign.

Next-Level Attribution Modeling

Location3’s attribution program goes well beyond standard practices by tracking the converting paths as well as the non-converting, using our own proprietary modeling tools. What does that mean for our clients? Huge decreases in cost per conversion as we uncover why certain paths dead end and adjust campaigns to smooth out the road. Talk to us today about how attribution can boost performance.

Media Mix Modeling

Value-Based Budget Flexibility

Attribution tracking is the first step to creating top-performing campaigns. Our in-house data management platform allows us to track individual users across multiple channels to gain a deeper understanding of consumer behavior. But the data alone isn’t enough. Once our analytics experts have the stats they can make informed decisions about the optimal way to spend a budget. Which enables the same investment to deliver much healthier returns.

Proactive Media Mix Modeling

We don’t wait until the end of the year reports are due to evaluate and optimize. With access to data from each channel we can observe campaigns in real time and make incremental shifts that provide a huge overall lift. Contact us today to find out how media mix modeling can improve your bottom line.

Conversion Testing & Optimization

Put Your Landing Page to the Test.

Stop guessing at which designs and messages convert and start knowing. With conversion testing and optimization you can be certain your page has the highest-performing design. Our analytics experts use Google Content Experiments and additional platforms to easily manipulate content, images and layout to determine the winning combination.

Conversion Testing & Optimization Challenge

Think your site could generate higher rates of return? So do we. Contact us today to get more out of your digital marketing.

User Experience Testing & Optimization

You Could Be User Friendlier.

The difference can be vast between best-laid plans and real-world realities. How can you know your interactive assets are easy to navigate without feedback from real-live people? Our data intelligence team combines qualitative results from on-site surveys with quantitative performance data and competitor analysis to show you the full picture of how people interact with your website. And we don’t stop there. The study provides actionable insights to streamline your assets and communicate more clearly with your target audience.

Deeper User Experience Testing & Optimization

As a full-service digital agency we understand the nuances of how every channel shapes the path to conversion. Industry-leading experts in each department weigh in on our usability studies, giving them a remarkable depth. Contact us to take the first step toward a more user-friendly brand.