A search query reflects a need. Whether it’s a need for information, products or services, that query represents a person trying to solve a problem. For more than 15 years Location3 has been at the forefront of connecting brands with the people who need them. Our paid search services combine highly trained experts with in-house tools and technology to do more than boost conversions; we drive local market activation.

Our paid search programs start with a deep dive on past performance, target audiences, consumer search data and business trends and to see what’s working and what needs a complete overhaul.

Armed with this data we create an ideal ecosystem to manage your program for maximum conversion volume. A mobile-first approach means every strategy and tactic is properly optimized for quality mobile experiences.

Then our ENCORE Semantic technology allows us to craft search query-based campaigns to match ad copy with what consumers are actually searching instead of guessing at keywords. Creating the optimal, hyper-segmented structure in the image of your search queries results in dramatically increased conversion volume and decreased cost-per-conversion.

But showing consumers the right message based on the right keywords at the exact right time is just the beginning. Our proprietary bid optimization algorithm takes a variety of factors into account when optimizing campaigns and allows the data to drive increased ongoing performance while reducing wasteful spending.

Integration with our display media and analytics teams helps us further optimize campaigns. We utilize retargeting lists for search ads (RLSA) and search retargeting data from display campaigns to turn site visitors into new brand loyalists.

This robust toolkit allows our team of paid search experts, data intelligence analysts and dedicated account directors to make the informed decisions that drive success. If you’re new to PPC or need to overhaul your approach, we’ve got the experience, talent and tools to deliver on your business objectives.

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