Digital marketing success is increasingly synonymous with first-class data intelligence. That’s why at Location3, data lies at the core of our agency identity. Everything we do – discovery and research, strategy and execution, management and optimization – it’s all driven by data. But we also know that our industry overflows with data points, and too much information can lead to analysis paralysis. Our Web Analytics and Business Intelligence analysts help you make sense of a complex digital world so you can see the bigger picture for your business.

As a Google Analytics Certified agency, we begin every engagement with a comprehensive review of your existing web analytics setup, dashboards, KPIs and reports to ensure your business decisions are based on empirical evidence. If you aren’t getting maximum value from your existing analytics environment, or if you’re in need of a complete overhaul, we will leverage our decade-plus of experience in customized implementation and dashboard setup to help you get the most out of your data. From there, we work with you to create an analytics environment that brings life to the volumes of incoming information and provides actionable insights you can count on to make a difference. All dashboards, KPIs and reports are customized to fit the various needs of your team members in order to properly align with your organizational goals.

Conversion Optimization

As Optimizely Certified Partners, we use advanced technology to eliminate guesswork by revealing actual performance on different landing page layouts and designs in order to maximize conversion volume. You’ve likely already spent a significant amount of time, effort and money to drive would-be customers to your site. Make sure they actually convert through iterative testing and optimization.

Usability Testing

Go beyond the numbers to get a clearer picture of the people behind them. We customize every client Usability Test to take an even deeper dive into audience analysis by collecting data on users’ overall experience with your brand, interaction with your website and more. By understanding what the user wants and expects, you can provide the quality user experience that will keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Data Intelligence & Reporting

We utilize world-class Business Intelligence software such as Tableau and Power BI to efficiently and effectively communicate insights gleaned from each and every one of your digital programs. You can rest easy knowing that you’re allocating time, resources and budgets properly because you have the performance data and results to back it up. Better data analysis leads to better business decisions. It’s that simple.

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