Advantage Rent A Car

Integrated Digital Services

Advantage Rent A Car is a discount car rental company with locations across the United States and overseas. While they compete with brands like Enterprise, National and Budget, they have a price point more aligned with Thrifty or Dollar.

Advantage is working on rebuilding the brand, capturing more of the discount car rental market and developing a loyal customer base.

Our relationship with Advantage began when we were asked to manage and optimize listings for 75 locations in order to increase online visibility. Within a couple of months we were also doing paid search and search engine optimization. In addition, we were asked to build the brand, boost reservation volume and increase overall website usage. Not an easy task. The website was new and so far, had not driven a high percentage of bookings. Advantage wanted us to prove that it was a valuable vehicle to attract customers. Challenge accepted.

Our integrated team built out an extensive pay per click (PPC) strategy that aligned with prospects searching for a discount car rental brand. This included a national presence utilizing search intent within Google to raise brand visibility among potential travelers plus a geo-specific campaign around Advantage locations. Advanced analytics showed us that many users booked close to the time they needed the car rather than months out, which led us to implement point-of-interest tactics (POI) in Google. With a POI strategy in place, we were able to promote the Advantage brand and messages to people physically at the airport.

Each location page was optimized to rank highly among search results in tandem with the PPC campaign. We focused on keyword strategies for location-specific pages and pushed legitimate link-building efforts for specific locations in order to gain more links and page authority. A search engine optimization manager utilized SEO tactics to improve the maps listings across the board.

The Result
The PPC, SEO and local listings teams worked together to build success across all pieces of the search landscape for Advantage Rent A Car.

Overall brand presence increased and the customer experience greatly improved. When a user searched for a rental car in Chicago the PPC ad would appear along with the organic local listing for the closest location, allowing Advantage to own more of the search page real estate and giving users a helpful experience.

• Overall CTR increased more than 10x in an 8 month period
• Cost per reservation cut in half
• Total reservations increased 220%
• Return has averaged 4 to 1
• The incoming reservation rate has more than doubled to date
• PPC’s share of total online reservations doubled

• Traffic to the local pages has increased 99% from January 2013
• The percentage of total site visits from local pages has increased by 198%
• Overall time on site from organic search has increased by approximately 30 seconds

Local Listings
• The percentage of listings showing in the #1 position for tracked keywords has increased 77% to date
• Accuracy of local listing information has increased 14% to date





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