Google Analytics: Flow Visualization Reports Revealed!


Today there was an exciting development in the web analytics world as Google announced a new reporting feature for Google Analytics: Flow Visualizations.

Two versions of this feature have been released, Visitors Flow and Goal Flow. The Visitors Flow shows the flow of your visitors from various web sources through your site, in a visually cognitive and intuitively interactive way. This is similar to Yahoo! Web Analytics’ Path analysis reports.

The Goal Flow functions in a similar manner to the old Goal Funnel Visualization, but with added fluidity in both appearance and functionality.

In both reports, you are able to achieve a much broader understanding of your web users’ navigation experience through your website than ever before. Bear in mind this feature will have a slow roll-out to all Google Analytics users, so you may have to have some patience before you can see this in your reports. These reports are only accessible from the new version of Google Analytics.

To learn more about this new feature, please read Phil Mui’s blog post on Flow Visualization on the official Google Analytics blog.


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